Kyle Wooten

Kyle Wooten assumedly was an Appalachian harmonica player of the late twenties and early thirties who appeared to have recorded in Atlanta on December 1, 1930 for O'keh.
Well, and this is pretty much all I know about him...

Fortunately, there still are quite a few recordings around so in order to learn about him one at least can examine his style. The most popular of his tunes is certainly "Choking the Blues", employing the draw bending technique which back then was often referred to as "choking the reed" or "choking the harp".
Up until then, most of the 1920's harmonica players had played stricktly straight harp, predominantly blowing the harp in it's original key. Therefore, the likes of Wooten practically paved the way to second position cross harp playing, which would quickly develop into the harmonica blues as we know it today.

Kyle Wooten's very original and witty ways of changing percussive rhythms still make him one of my favorite players.
Enough said, now go check him out yourself!




Mike said...

Hey. Great that you put this site together. I'm a prewar harp junkie too!

Here's my latest prewar style track:

Trip Henderson said...

Hear Hear! Nice site indeed. I hope you don't mind if I point out that Chokin Blues and Lovin henry are in first position/straight harp though as you noted he played other pieces in second/cross.

Trip Henderson

maz said...

thx Trip.
I didn't say the track was in 2nd pos I just said the "choking"-style paved the way to establish second as THE bluesy position in a way... well it's only my limited interpretation.
you rock, by the way!

Unknown said...

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Harmonica Notes said...

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Unknown said...
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